Tile is a versatile flooring material that has been used for thousands of years in and around homes. From ancient Greece to China, tile creates a level and clean surface that will make your home more functional and easy to clean. With a variety of colors and materials to choose from, you can pick the tile that will best match your home's style and needs.

One of the greatest advantages of tile is how easy it is to clean of both dirt and moisture. This is the main reason it's a popular choice for entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms. After you install your choice of tile and lay down the grout, all you need to do to keep it clean is sweep and mop it occasionally.

From patterned ceramic tile to options that look like different types of stone, tile comes in many patterns to compliment the room where you'd like to install new flooring. Imitation wood and granite are especially popular, as tile in these patterns are easier to clean than the real things and is more affordable by far.

Tile is also easy to replace. Tile is difficult to break or damage, but if you manage to, you can simply buy a new piece without having to replace whole sections, which is definitely not the case with carpet.

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