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In your home, eventually almost everything will wear down and break given enough time. Even the best-made products will eventually succumb to the effects of time. If you have a standing shower, your shower pan is no different. However, because it's designed to contain water, any damage to the pan can lead to damage in other parts of your house that are difficult to repair. It's critically important to pay attention to the signs that your pan may be nearing the end of its useful life, to avoid damage to your house, and paying for avoidable and costly bathroom remodeling in Marietta. Here are three signs your shower pan needs replacing.

Leaks like a Faucet

Perhaps the most obvious sign of a worse for wear shower pan is a noticeable leak. If water is not being contained by a shower pan, then it can escape to floors, or worse, into the walls where it will have an opportunity to damage everything from sheetrock, to the frame of your house. Of course, leaks aren’t always a sign of a shower pan on the brink of failure. Occasionally, the issue is related to the caulking between tiles, which will be an easier repair. To know for sure if there is a structural leak, you will need to get underneath the pan and search for visible leaks.

In Motion

If you feel any sort of movement when standing on your shower pan, be wary, as this is a clear sign that you need to replace it. If your base is made of concrete, this is especially true because concrete is designed to remain in place no matter what. With other materials, such as plastic, movement is often a sign that the pan is no longer firmly secured to the base, which could either be a sign of wear or a sign of improper installation. Unfortunately, this often can only be repaired by replacement or reinstalling.

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One last kind of movement is called deflection, which essentially means that the base is having trouble supporting weight and moves up or down as weight is applied. This is often caused by water damage and can be extremely dangerous if not fixed as soon as possible.


Often, the first sign of trouble for your shower pan is a simple crack in the material. While this is often caused by the natural movement of your home, especially when it occurs on or near the caulking, this still needs to be watched closely to avoid a small problem snowballing into a big one. However, if you have a crack in the middle of your shower pan, it's time to replace it.

Keeping an eye on your shower pan is key to avoiding an unnecessary repair project. What might seem like a small issue will often be a sign that you need a new shower pan.