How many ways can you remodel a bathroom? How many ways can you be creative? Today, professionals who do master bath remodeling in Marietta, GA point to innovative use of space, materials, lighting, and accessories to create a luxurious master bathroom you only dreamed possible. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tile is used in intricate Moroccan rug designs in shades of blue with pure white open spaces. Tiles create large graphic chevron designs running the entire width of the room in the colors of your choice. In a truly rich look, gold leaf tile can accentuate features of the room, such as mirrors or windows and, when surrounded by white, glimmer in the light. Tile is used throughout many bathroom designs due to its availability in size, color, and effect.
  • Painting is a remodeling gesture that stands the test of time. The painting industry has responded to consumer demand for an amazing array of colors and finishes that are adaptable to any bathroom remodel. Paint color can be an accent, graphic element, or background upon which to build other design elements.
  • Gone is the simple overhead bulb as the only source of light in a bathroom. New designs incorporate recessed lighting, sconces, mirror lights and hanging fixtures. Possibly the one design element seen today that can lend your master bathroom the grandest look, is the chandelier. Chandeliers are seen in many forms, from the traditional crystal to artsy designs in modern materials. A large chandelier in a small room offers the room an instant upgrade into high-end luxury.
  • Fixtures in new bathroom designs tend to be sleek, porcelain white or metal with freestanding bathtubs very popular. Walk-in showers with floor-to-ceiling glass enclosures have features such as multiple jets, built-in soap dispensers, and benches.

Whatever your taste or budget, it is possible to incorporate today’s design ideas into your bath remodeling project in Marietta, GA, to create a breathtaking master bathroom retreat. For professional advice and design ideas, consult the best at Atlanta Tile Experts.