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Renovating a master bathroom comes down to making beautiful selections, from the finest hardware and fixtures to the perfect porcelain tub. But never forget the importance of tile, the background against which all your appliances will shine. When you plan for master bath remodeling in Roswell, GA, you need a true designer’s eye for quality and style. If you’re new to bath remodeling or just need some inspiration before you plan a remodel, start with these guidelines. Use them to make right selection of bathroom tiles, one of the first features that will be installed into your new bathroom.

Start with the Most Elegant Tile

Have you dreamed of outfitting your home with beautiful marble backsplash or artfully painted ceramic tiles? Start your renovation by selecting as much of this high-end tile as you can afford without budgeting out good appliances and hardware, which are also key to bathroom renovations. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t afford to fill your entire master bath with elegant tile. A small amount of good tile can act as a backsplash, line only the walk-in shower, or even create an accent wall behind the vanity.

Simplicity Is Stylish

Avoid complicating your bathroom improvement scheme with too many types of tile, ideally narrowing your choices to no more than 3 types of surfaces. Quality tile is eye-catching, but shouldn’t overwhelm the entire room. Sticking to a simple variety of 2 to 3 types of tile also prevents color or pattern clashes. For best results, ensure the tiles you invest in are very different. For instance, if you want 1‘x1’ square tile flooring, select small, square tiles for backsplash and long, rectangular tiles for the shower walls and floor.

Be Bold but Restrained with Color

Bathrooms that are completely color neutral, replete with beiges, browns, grays, and whites, can be somewhat dull, especially to today’s more adventurous design tastes. Introduce a bold, bright color, preferably in a soothing and cool shade, like aqua or emerald. However, too much color can clash with the true intent of a bathroom: to be relaxing and calm. Therefore, buy bathroom tiles for an accent area, like an elegant wall trim or a single wall of the shower. You can also try applying bold tile around the vanity mirror, which will attract the eye and center the room appropriately.

Overall, your best course of action is to work directly with a contractor who specializes in master bath remodeling in Roswell, GA. Their working experience, eye for design, and familiarity with quality bathroom tile makes them the ideal design partner, and the only experts who can bring your dream master bathroom to life.