In today’s volatile housing market, you are afraid to do any renovations to your home, for fear you won’t get your money back when you decide to sell. However, if your bathroom is in poor shape and a bit outdated, it's time to seriously consider those renovations. There are some steps you can take to help you determine if this renovation process is worth the money. Professionals in master bathroom remodeling in Marietta, GA and elsewhere can give you an estimate on the cost of the job, which is a place to start. Here are some things to consider in your decision-making:


How much of a renovation is this? If you are only doing cosmetic changes, the cost will be much less than if you are relocating walls or changing plumbing and electrical pieces. Try to price out everything you are considering changing in your bathroom before getting started.


How long do you plan to be in the house? If you are planning to move soon, the cost may not be recovered in the sale, depending on what's being changed. Consulting with a real estate professional on bathroom design in Marietta, GA, can help you determine the current market trends.


What is the state of the rest of the house? Is it just one bathroom in the house that needs some work, or the entire house? If you are planning a bathroom renovation which is entirely unlike the style of the rest of the house, you may have difficulty selling without considering whole house renovations.


Can you do any of the work yourself? If yes, you will save on labor costs by taking on a few of the lighter touch-up jobs yourself and leaving the more complicated parts to a professional.


What is the state of the neighborhood the house is in? Check how much homes are selling for in your neighborhood and factor that into how much you consider putting towards your bathroom renovation.

By looking at the checklist above, you can make a close estimate on what your planned renovation is going to cost. In the end, part of that calculation is something that cannot be calculated in dollars and cents, your desire and willingness to live in the home after you complete the renovation. Only you can decide how to weight that factor in your decision.