Shower pans are the concrete or plastic bases that provide a level surface for you to stand on when showering. Drains go through them and they are often under a stream of water, so making sure that they have been sealed properly and don’t have damage is important for their ultimate longevity. Many people don’t realize their shower pan has a problem until it’s serious, so here are the top signs that your shower pan could have a problem.

Some of the top issues homeowners notice in shower pans are cracks, leaks, shifting, warping, and mold. All of these problems can initially be repaired by a professional, but if they worsen over time, they can lead to you needing to replace your whole shower pan.

If you look down in the shower and see cracks, you’ll want to get the pan repaired right away. Streams of water or steam gets into small cracks, making a small repairable issue more serious over time. Likewise, if you notice water pooling around your shower or you see water leaking through your bathroom level to your basement, stay vigilant and run your shower as a test to see if there are any leaks. Each of these signs of trouble should be addressed sooner rather than later.

We at Atlanta Tile Experts work with homeowners who have problems with their showers every day. Whether you need a quick repair or to replace your shower pan, we provide our customers with opinions based on years of experience and our commitment to integrity. With a great reputation around Atlanta and value each of our customer’s individual needs. You can be sure you’ll get top local service when you contact us about an issue you’ve observed in your bathroom or kitchen. Give us a call if you see any of these signs that there’s a problem with your shower pan.