Ready for new floor installation? Tile is a wonderful, quality option. Get just the look you want with these 4 tips.

Room Type

First to consider is where you are placing the tile flooring. Popular options are the kitchen, bathroom, and shower floors. You may be re-flooring several rooms at once! But make sure you consider each room separately when you are choosing the area to be covered. All rooms are not perfectly square, so it’s important to know the exact shape of the surface area you are covering, as this will help determine what types of tiles you will choose and how the tiles will be arranged to best fit the room.

Consider choosing a different color and texture of tiles for different rooms. Your kitchen might have a slightly different theme than the bathrooms for instance. Also, if you are applying tile to a bath or shower floor, be sure to plan on the floor having a slight gradient tilting toward the drain for the water to flow.

Tile Matching

If you love tile, chances are you might have some tile in other parts of the house. Tile is a popular backsplash for both kitchen and bathroom sinks. Try to choose floor tiles that at least complement the backsplash or paint colors already in the room.

It’s also a great idea to cover the walls in a standing shower stall with the same tile that will cover the floors. It creates a neat, uniform, polished look.

When you’re matching tile colors with the rest of the room, consider the overall theme of the room. If you want sleek and elegant, choose somewhat uniform tile colors that will contrast with the walls or cabinets, such as a charcoal grey tile against crisp white cabinets. For a warmer, more welcoming feel in the kitchen, consider creamy beige tiles against natural wood grains and tan or taupe-painted walls.

Tile Sizes and Shapes

Once you’ve got the general color scheme, now is the time to choose the size and shape of the tiles you want. For a more uniform look, you might choose for all tiles to be a square shape with the exact same dimensions. For a geometric but slightly more varied look, you can choose rectangles of different sizes. Large-sized tiles are best for covering large areas, but if you like smaller tiles in tighter patterns, than choose what you love.

The Overall Pattern

The shape and size of each individual tile isn’t all that matters. Consider the pattern of the entire room as a whole. If you are covering a circular space, or simply wish to emphasize the center of the room, you may want the tile installers to arrange the tiles in a circular pattern with the focal point in the middle. If you like symmetry and simplicity, a simple repeating pattern of squares and rectangles is a perfect choice. You can also get creative with adding tile “borders” to emphasize a dining space, a kitchen island, or a fireplace hearth.

Work with your Marietta expert to design the right look before you begin the installation process.